The UNPOPULAR Movement was founded in 2016. Led by one scripture, Matthew 16:26.

Being UNPOPULAR is about choosing to live righteously, regardless of what the world says. It's about knowing who you are and being confident enough to walk in your purpose. It's about choosing to walk the path that God has created for you. It's about being who you were created to be... It's about being a light, a dreamer, and taking responsibility for the words you speak...

Speak responsibly and righteously, dream up the impossible, go do what others deemed impossible and through it all, remain yourself. Encourage your sisters and brothers, activate your self control, walk in confidence, on faith, in your purpose, and proudly label yourself UNPOPULAR.

We understand the balance of Kingdom and culture, knowing that only one is predicated on the other. So while some designs boast of urban appeal, it is always rooted in scripture.

Fearless Forever is the next drop of apparel from the UNPOPULAR Movement.

Fearless Forever stays true to its roots, bridging the gap between Kingdom and culture, encouraging truth, and challenging mainstream thinking.
Highlighted by a new Fearless Forever Double F accent logo, it's meant to be subtle and noticeable simultaneously.

Please check back regularly for new merchandise ❤
Thank you for visiting, and Stay UNPOPULAR, always!

Welcome to the movement! 


Is also brought to you by the Unpopular Movement.

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A Life of Faith and Fashion

At Purposefully Pressed we have a saying, "Love what you wear. Wear how you feel."

We press custom t-shirts for individuals, local businesses, and promote the UnPopular Collection. 

So what makes us different?

Creativity with no minimum purchase. We allow our customers to create what ever they feel in the moment. Allowing for customization outside of a main design such as color switching or individual names on group shirts.

We have learned not all t-shirts are created equal and not all print jobs are the same. We know quality is paramount to our brand and its success. You can fool someone once, but you can’t fool them twice. A pattern that fades and cracks or a t-shirt that shrinks and rips won’t create raving fans that come back and repurchase, so we make sure to use techniques that ensure longevity. The pricing of our shirts is also something that sets us apart, allowing for affordable basic tees to high end fabrics. We also offer customers the option to bring their own shirts. 

All shirts posted are available for purchase, but please feel free to email us about your custom options. Basic shirts begin at $18.